Name: DAGESTAN, Dagestan State University (Formerly DSU).
Tuition Fees: 14.43L
Duration: 6 Years.
Application Deadline: 15 July
MCI StatusApproved (List of MCI Approved Universities)


It is a golden opportunity for students to Study in Russia According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Russia has the most educated population in the world, outperforming Canada, Japan, Israel and the USA. More than half of Russians have higher education qualification. More than 200,000 people from 168 countries come to study at Russian universities. Students around the world choose universities in Russian for their higher education. Self funding for the education in Russia is much cheaper compared to all other western countries. Merit students can also avail university scholarship in Russia.


The Republic of Dagestan is a federal subject (a republic) of Russia, is located in the north-eastern part of the Caucasus. On the east, the territory of the Republic is washed by the Caspian Sea. South and middle part of the region is occupied by mountains and foothills of the Greater Caucasus, the Caspian lowland begins in the northern part.

The name of the republic means “the country of mountains”. There are about 30 peaks in Dagestan that are above 4,000 meters. The mountains cover an area of 25,500 sq. km, the average height of the entire territory of Dagestan is 960 meters above sea level

The length of the territory from north to south is about 400 km, from west to east – about 200 km. Dagestan borders with Azerbaijan in the south and Georgia in the southwest.


The climate in the north and in the central part of Dagestan is temperate continental and dry. The average temperature in January varies from plus 4 degrees Celsius in the valleys to minus 11 degrees Celsius in the highlands, in July from plus 30 degrees C in the valleys to plus 8 degrees C in the high- land. Studying in Russia is quite a different scenario for Indian students who go to study MBBS in Russia which is quite colder than other European nations! However, quality wise, very less countries match with Russia. Accordingly, the students need to make their choices for their final destination to study MBBS in Europe.


Dagestan State Medical University is one of the best colleges to study medicine in Russia for international students. It is one of the MCI approved Medical Colleges in RUSSIA, Dagestan.

Dagestan State Medical University was founded in October, 1931 as the Teachers’ Training Institute, and later, in 1957, it was transformed into Dagestan State University (DSU). It is one of the top 10 universities of Russia, during its formation and development the university has played a prominent role in the socio-economic and cultural development of the peoples of Dagestan as well as in the development of its scientific, technical, educational and artistic communities.

Today DSU ranks as a major educational, scientific and cultural institute which provides training at all levels of pre-university, university, postgraduate and further education in 59 specialties and degree programs for natural sciences, liberal arts and technical studies.

The University is the best medical universities in Russia for international students that have an innovative academic, research and organizational structure that includes 17 faculties, 7 filial branches, 103 departments, 2 museums (historical and biological), a fundamental library containing more than 2.5 million volumes, a biological station, and a planetarium. It also owns its own seaside recreation base, a sports complex, a clinic and students’ resort center.

Dagestan State University is one of the top 10 medical universities in Russia that has become a real medical school of research which has created more than 27,000 doctors in over the past 83 years of its existence. Specialists, who have graduated from Dagestan State Medical Academy, have always been known for their strong educational background, obtained at this higher educational institution. The admission for best medical college in Russia in DAGESTAN is possible through RIGHT CHOICE CONSULTANTS in a very smooth and reliable manner.


  • DSU has 4 Research Institutes (Research Institute of Biology, Research Institute of Socio-Economic and Ethno-Cultural Problems of the Peoples of Dagestan, Research Institute of Applied Ecology and Research Institute of Law).
  • It has 9 Research and Educational Centers, of which 3 RECs (REC of Nanotechnology, REC of Plasma Physics and REC of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering) have been granted the status of Federal Research and Educational Centers.
  • 14 scientific and innovation centers including the Federal Multiple-Access Centre “Analytical Spectroscopy”, the Innovative Technological Centre and the Internet Centre are also found in the university.
  • Dagestan State University has 14 basic research laboratories to meet educational requirements of the students.
  • The university is working towards the top-priority goals of the national policy in terms of education it is having a perspective to follow the main directions of Russian long-term social and economic development which is to Integrate Russian education system into the international educational space.
  • Dagestan State Medical University, have always been known for their strong educational background, obtained at this higher educational institution.
  • Dagestan State Medical University provides students with a world-class education in and the environment full of new opportunities and ideas which will help to shape your future.
  • Students of DSU are involved in a range of activities ranging from sports through to arts, social and other intellectual pursuits and enriching activities.
  • The University encourages students to take an active part in a wide variety of athletic programs.
  • Students participate in year-round recreation, including football, tennis, basketball, swimming in summer, or skiing and skating in winter.


Strictly adhering to the standard parameters set out in the Decree by the Director of the Educational Quality Development National Centre, the program Medical Doctor has been developed to the needs of the international and national students who wish to obtain Medical Doctor’s degree in English. The Higher Education Program Medical Doctor meets the State Health Care requirements and on the other hand, is based on the international standards of the medical education (TUNING/MEDINE ). The integrated approach to the teaching/learning process comprises integrated theoretical and practical assignments.

Within the university, a number of scientific schools meeting high international standards have been formed. These scientific schools provide the base for training and comprise different forms of education such as specialization, postgraduate studies, and doctorate. DSU is an advanced research center with 70 subject areas for post-graduate studies and 18 subject areas for a doctorate. There are 7 dissertation councils in Dagestan State University specializing in these areas of scientific research.

DSU team amounts to nearly 3,000 members made by academic staff and other employees. The University academic staff includes 1 member of the Russian Academy of Education, 4 corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Science, 11 members of branch academies, 216 professors and doctoral degree holders, 618 senior lecturers – holders of candidate degree, more than a hundred distinguished scientists and education workers of Russia and Dagestan. The total number of DSU students exceeds 20,000. At present nearly 600 DSU postgraduates are seeking candidate and doctoral degrees.


There are many students showing vast interest in learning about Dagestan State University as it is approved in MCI (Medical Council of India). Therefore, Indian students can study in this top medical university of RUSSIA with the same syllabus as that of India. The MCI screening test results from this university are more than 90% passing due to high grade. The students have to pursue a 6 year Medicine course in which, 6 years is divided into 2 years of basic, 1 year of pre-clinical and 3 years of clinical courses. Accordingly, RIGHT CHOICE CONSULTANTS recommends you to take Admission in one of the top colleges in RUSSIA – Dagestan State University, DAGESTAN.

There is only one intake in DSU in Russia every year and Admission to MBBS in RUSSIA at DSU is not an easy task. The application deadline is generally 30th of June. The minimum academic records of the students in Physics – Chemistry – Biology (PCB) at 10+2 level in Science stream are 85%. There are only 15 seats for Indian students.

In order to seek your Admission to MBBS in Russia at State University – DSU and ensure a medical seat to study MBBS at this top medical college in RUSSIA, it is advisable to block the seat in this University. You just need to be paying the Application fees on getting the transcripts of 10+2 and not wait for the Indian admission system to be completed. There are good chances that the seats would be over before time.

Just see the largest and amazing campus for studying MBBS in RUSSIA in this top ranked college.

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