What Can Help You Pass Your CNA Exam?

To become an assistant of a nurse is a great push to a great career. Bureau of Labor Statistics establishes that the possibilities employment for CNAs will be increased from percent to 35 percent during the following five years. To get an appointment of assistant of a nurse it is necessary to be in the age over 18, to be checked by police and to pass drug test. You should join preparation classes. To famish your courses you will pass the test which is consisting of two parts. This test checks all your knowledge you need to get the profession of assistant. The first part of exam is in written form, it checks your common knowledge. The second part is more nervous because you need to show your practical skills.

Some advice to pass your CNA Exam:

  1. You should listen attentively to the tasks you must show. You will have to perform three to five various types of work. The head of commission will appraise you demonstration.
  2. You must wash your hands. You need to present the high technique of washing the hands. You should use plenty of soup, don’t forget to wash under your nails. Also wash your wrists and areas between your fingers. You must use towel which is made of paper only. It should take 20-30 second.
  3. Don’t forget about the carefulness, good manners and your protection during you contact with patient. The examiners will observe all you will demonstrate to say whether you know your job or not.
  4. Don’t come in the patient room without a knock. You need to give more privacy to patient. You should close the curtains.
  5. Don’t forget to introduce yourself. You should know the name of your patient. Address your patient by his name.
  6. You should use the right method of your behavior to do your tasks right. Think about every step of your presentation and study all the information about patient.
  7. You should use the gloves every time because you won’t be able to avoid the contact with your patient.
  8. Explain you patient all you are going to do.
  9. You shouldn’t forget about the general measures of safeness, such as transport belt, locking wheels of a wheelchair or returning the bed to the low location when your task will be completed.
  10. You need to work at skills that is used more rapidly: to replace paralysis patient from a bed to a wheelchair, to check the temperature, to change a bedpan, to note the more important signs, to check blood pressure, to changing bedding in taken up bed, to care of denture and patients who have teeth or not.

I’ve provided here just a few things that can help you pass your CNA Exam and become a CNA.

Source by Sergiy Dyukar

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