USA Needs More Nurses


Profession of nurse occupies a very important place in health system. Primary task of a qualified nurse is assistance and effective patient care. U.S. Public Health operates at a higher technical level, but is experiencing a great shortage of nurses at the moment, and according to forecasts, such situation will continue in the future. This trend is a result of many complex factors, such as raising living standards and availability of alternative career paths, what leads to reduction in the number of enrolling in nursing schools. Growth and aging of population became a prerequisite to increased market demand for nursing staff. In addition, there appeared new opportunities for diagnosis and care allowing saving lives and increasing the need for nurses.

Nurses trained in other countries have high qualification for employment in the United States. Experience in the U.S. health care not only enhances a nurse’s professional level, but will also serve a potential opportunity for her further promotion and growth of material prosperity.

Combination of other countries’ aspiration to improve nursing care and a shortage of nurses in the United States offers a unique opportunity to implement mutually beneficial program aimed at achieving objectives of each party. This is the purpose of special training programs called “Nurses in the U.S.”, which involve training nurses to work in the U.S. health care system.

Ministry of Health and Social Assistance of the U.S., Department of Medical Resources and National Center for Analysis of workforce in health care system conducted a study on availability, demand and shortage of registered nurses in the U.S.

According to data of 2000, nearly every other state lacks nurses. According to forecasts for 2020, almost every state will face shortage of nurses.


Source by Yana Mikheeva

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