Analysis of Kiev Property Market


The capital of Ukraine has always been popular among young people and real estate buyers. It’s really a good city for living because it offers endless opportunities.

What is really interesting is that by the end of June the demand of 3- and 2-bedroom apartments has increased really significantly. According to the analysis people prefer most to buy flats in Dneprovskyi, Solomenskyi and Darnytskyi. For those of you who do not have big budgets there are quite good offers going around 300-400$. These apartments are only one room but this does not mean they are not comfortable and the good news here is that they have really wide variety of choices. Other very popular sections for apartments are Darnytskyi, Solomenskyi, Obolonskyi, Shevchenko and Podolskyi.

The demand for two-bedroom flats is unchanged in sections like Solomenskyi, Goloseyevskyi and Darnytskyi sections. The reason for this is the affordable prices.

The price for 2- or 3-bedroom apartments has been constant during the last few years and it is around 1000-1200$. Of course the city center is the most popular. The search for premium apartments also increased but not much…after all their price is really high and there are not lots of people who can afford to buy such flat.

The big changes occurred in June. 43 % of the demand was for 2-bedroom flats, 34 % for 1-bedroom and 25 % for 3-bedroom apartments. The biggest activity was recorded in the Solomenskyi and Darnytskyi districts. What remains major factor of apartments demand is the price. People are looking for the best offers depending on their budgets.

The residential property in Kiev is divided into two parts – primary and secondary. The secondary can offer you more things than the primary and the reason for this is because many people are looking only to rent an apartment, not to buy one. Living in Kiev can offer you really wide variety of premium class apartments, economy class flats and even business class places where you can stay as long as you want.


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