5 False Similarities Between Large Christian Churches and Casinos


A church is the body of Christ for the edification of the people of God and so far as this definition is not accurately followed, it is no more a church. Even the Bible made it known that on the last days, false prophets shall rise up and try to deceive the chosen ones of God. If such people manifest, then you should know that they are AGAINST God and hence whatever establishments they have is obviously not a church. The church has no functional similarity with a casino is any way.

1. "They use large buildings to operate which are usually strategically located off the large freeways or on well-traveled city streets . " Hmm! Maybe it's true, but only in the united states or more specifically 'in Nevada. And more closely, maybe Las Vega in particular. Whoever thinks this is true should go to Ukraine, The villages in the western part of Ukraine have large monumental churches and be sure to see more of this in other countries.

2. "Churches and casinos usually have high profile charismatic people working within them". So what is wrong with this? Is it a crime for high-profile charismatic people to worship God? If statistics would be taken, it will show that more than 70% of such congregations are formed by the middle class and below. But nobody seem to talk abut them. High profile people shop in large supermarkets also, they eat in large restaurants and as well lodge in large Hotels, and hence all these establishments are similar to the casino. Not just the church. If you really mean 'work' then define what you mean by high profile charismatic people. This is because I cannot imagine someone in the caliber of a Governor or a Minister, or a Multimillionaire, even a Billionaire working in a casino. The only thing which will take such people to a casino is to shake their 'fat-oily' wallets a little. So, which ever way this point directs to, it is baseless.

3. "Each one of these organizations uses groups to help individuals create solutions to their problems". Do the various casinos have groups to solve their customer's problems? This is false! These groups only use that means to make their customers remain. If this is the case, the customer's problems are not solved, especially for a gambling addict. But as for the church, we all need God in our Lives and no matter how large a church is, even with thousands of Worshippers, if you are met, even to your door step, won't you feel loved? You'll know you are not left out and definitely would want to come back. After all, Hotels, large organizations, banks, companies and even large established markets have small groups in charge of customer care in charge of different categories of problems, why not also compare the church with these places? All in all, the casino find means to worsen your problem for their own gain (even if they do have these small groups), but the Church go after your spiritual needs for your own good and edification .

4. "Most of their followers seem to be dependent on the products they are offering". It is totally wrong and grossly ignorant to think there is a product the church has to offer. The church as a building is a meeting place to believers for edification , encouragement , showing love and above all worshiping God . The Pastor and the rest of the congregation are all there for the same Purpose. The pastor as well gets ministered through the choir ministration, or maybe some drama, testimonies and other aspects, which is why it is earlier defined as a place for the edification of believers.

5. "You find people praying in churches and casinos" . This is a laughable point. And the point further says "praying for something they want to receive from God" Do people pray in the casino? This is absurd. Some people just want to paint the Church black by attributing it with casinos. This is an indirect or somewhat a direct slap. You can also pray in schools to pass exams, even in the market to find a particular scarce brand of product you want to buy, in the train to avoid accident or get to work safely, and you can go on and on and on.

The casino is meant for gambling while the church is meant for the collective worship by Christians to God and hence no similarities whatsoever between these two establishments. If we would use the points above, then we can be rational enough to say that the church has similarities with almost all large establishments where you can meet, pray, hope, have small groups and have the affluent attending.


Source by Funom Makama

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